When I first moved to Miami, I was horrified by the amount of plastic used in all industries and how little is recycled. 
We came from Brussels, Belgium, where without any effort we had a Zero Waste lifestyle. Locals were always opening businesses with less or no plastic in any form. Composting was just another form of taking the garbage out, and we could visit different farmers markets every day of the week. 
As we started eliminating our garbage production I started making our toothpaste, body butter and deodorants, as it was the easiest way to start changing our habits and I wanted to give my daughter the healthiest lifestyle I could provide. 
The change of country and the struggle to find products or markets that fitted my family needs was very hard when we first arrived in Miami. That's why I decided to start a Zero Waste oriented company, to promote sustainable alternatives for health care & body products. Because having a healthy lifestyle is not only easy but worth it.... wait ’til you try our products!